Journey to Your Cloud

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Businesses today depend upon IT to drive innovation and enable accelerate competitive advantage. Increasingly cloud computing enables business to deliver new services, enter into new markets, get closer to customers, and make increasingly mobile and demanding employees more productive. The most successful organizations use cloud technologies as a catalyst to put in place new systems and processes that free IT organizations to
maximize not just operational metrics, but business results.

A New Operating Model for your Cloud

Cloud enables you to redefine the way IT produces and delivers services for your business. The goal isn’t to merely become a more efficient, agile and reliable IT organization—although cloud certainly delivers that—but to form a new partnership with business stakeholders based upon innovation and business value.

IT organizations face unprecedented challenges today:

Pressure to be more flexible and innovative to rapidly address competitive threats and satisfy user demands. The need to deliver higher levels of efficiency and responsiveness to compete with low cost, on-demand services from external suppliers. Continue to provide reliability, security and governance for all applications and services required by the business. While some IT organizations are consumed with simply maintaining existing systems and responding to an ever growing backlog of projects, an increasing number of organizations are embracing cloud to find new ways to successfully partner with the business, delivering value and differentiation that advance the goals of the business.

Empowering Your IT Organization with Cloud Computing

There are two key elements required to achieve the full potential of cloud computing: choosing the right technology platform to underpin your cloud, and putting in place an operating model optimized for the advantages of cloud. In short, the most successful organizations have embraced cloud as a comprehensive IT strategy, examining how to build, rent, operate and staff their cloud environment, while measuring the efficiency, agility and reliability improvements achieved through cloud computing. In working with global enterprises and service providers, VMware has found distinct categories of IT organizations and their capabilities as they move to embrace cloud computing:

Reactive – With IT exhausting resources maintaining existing systems, the organization is challenged to make the desired contribution to future business results. The need for rapid innovation has driven business stakeholders outside of traditional IT channels, creating a tension between IT and business stakeholders. As a result, cloud has entered the business opportunistically, threatening to create silos of activities that cannot satisfy the mandates for security, risk management and compliance.

Proactive – IT has moved to embrace cloud as a model for achieving innovation through increased efficiency, reliability and agility. Shifts in processes and organizational responsibilities attempt to bring structure to cloud decisions and directions. More importantly, IT has embraced a new role, that of a service broker. IT is now able to leverage external providers to deliver rapid innovation within the governance structure of IT, balancing costs, risks and services levels.

Innovative– IT has fully implemented cloud computing as their model for producing and consuming computing, shifting legacy systems to a more flexible infrastructure, investing in automation and policy based management for greater efficiency and reliability and enabling a broad range of stakeholders to consume IT services via self-service. Detailed measurement capabilities enable IT to quantify the financial impact of sourcing decisions, redirecting saved resources to drive new services and capabilities that advance business goals.

Why VMware?

VMware is the common element behind some of the largest and most successful cloud implementations around the world, including private cloud environments operating within businesses of all sizes and the global ecosystem of public cloud providers leveraging VMware technology as a standard foundation.

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