Private Cloud Computing

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Amplify your datacenter’s efficiency and agility while enhancing security and control with a private cloud from VMware. Consolidate datacenters and deploy workloads on shared infrastructure with built-in security and role-based access control. Migrate workloads between pools of infrastructure and integrate existing management systems using customer extensions, APIs, and open cross-cloud standards. Deliver cloud infrastructure on-demand so end users can consume virtual resources with maximum agility.

VMware Private Cloud Solution

To amplify the benefits of virtualization and increase agility, enterprises are starting to implement private clouds. A private cloud based on VMware’s Private Cloud solution delivers three unique capabilities to the enterprise

1) An efficient and secure approach to using shared infrastructure for servicing highly frequent requests

2) A standardized, portable, extensible approach to enable workloads to be deployed without manual configuration and across multiple clouds

3) Agile access to shared infrastructure so workloads can be provisioned on demand

Rely on the Most Efficient, Agile, and Extensible Cloud Infrastructure

As the proven leader in virtualization, VMware is charting the course to deliver unprecedented efficiency, agility, and extensibility with the private cloud. Working in concert with industry leaders, VMware is helping enterprises gain the benefits of cloud computing leveraging existing investments without compromising control.

The VMware Private Cloud Solution introduces new abstractions, similar to those available with vSphere, to take virtualization to the datacenter level. IT services are delivered as fully encapsulated and portable multi-virtual-machine units called vApps. These vApps can be stored in catalog libraries and migrated to any VMware compatible cloud. End-user consumption is controlled and governed through both role-based access policies tied to organization constructs as well as unique virtual networking technologies that enable similar virtual machine environments to be deployed concurrently.

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