Cloud Suite Management

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Shaping the Cloud-Oriented Approach to Enterprise Management

As more companies have adopted cloud computing, the focus for many has shifted from how to plan and implement the cloud to how to manage cloud operations effectively. And as experience is showing, companies need to move beyond the traditional approaches to managing IT, and find new processes and tools designed for the virtual and cloud-based environment.

Cloud computing brings new challenges and opportunities. To achieve the full benefits of the technology, companies need to have enterprise-management capabilities that mirror their evolving IT platforms. Companies need to be able to quickly adapt to changing conditions based on infrastructure performance, application needs and user demands. They need to provide access to the right services with the right approvals.

They need to drive performance, compliance and efficiency in the cloud infrastructure. And they need to enable IT’s evolving role as a broker of IT services and infrastructure capacity in support of the business. The VMware® Cloud Management solutions are designed to help you meet those challenges—and use new enterprise-management approaches to manage cloud computing environments. Part of the VMware vCloud® Suite, these solutions enable you to streamline service provisioning, enable infrastructure and application health and govern and manage cloud services.

To help organizations make the most of Cloud Management solutions, VMware Professional Services provide a number of offerings that focus on identifying, designing and implementing these solutions, and putting them to work in the IT organization. We enable you to manage the full range of IT operations—from physical to virtual to cloud, and across multiple technologies and vendors. Working side by side with you, we help you adopt the new management tools, acquire the skills and organizational constructs, and deploy the processes needed to operate the cloud environment—and use these enterprise-management capabilities to deliver outcomes that are positive, tangible and material to IT and your business.

Expertise and Guidance for Cloud Management

VMware Professional Services’ Consultants and Advisors work with you to understand the broader possibilities created by cloud and virtualization technologies—including the potential for better IT enterprise management using Cloud Management solutions. We do more than just implement these solutions: We ask innovative questions,
develop actionable insights and explore new ideas—and help you convert possibilities into realities.

To do so, we draw on a wide range of resources and capabilities. We connect you to our R&D teams, to our partners and to the wealth of experience we have developed through the real-life, innovative application of VMware technology. We work side-byside with your team, encouraging conversation, engagement and collaboration. And we transfer knowledge, enabling you to leverage your Cloud Management solution to drive operational improvement and business success over time—long after your VMware services engagement is complete. VMware’s portfolio of Cloud Management services address planning, implementation, optimization and skill-building—and the ongoing management of operations that is critical to realizing the full potential of cloud computing.

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