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As enterprises move towards VMware-based private, public, and hybrid clouds, independent software vendors (ISVs) will find a fast growing market for cloud-ready applications. VMware lets you deliver on this huge opportunity through the VMware vCloud API, which allows programmatic access to cloud infrastructure, and vApps, which can be easily deployed to interoperable cloud environments.

> Write new applications or adapt existing applications to programmatically leverage a VMware-based cloud infrastructure with the vCloud API.

> Package pre-configured multi-tiered application stacks into vApps, which can be quickly deployed in VMware compatible clouds with no upfront packaging or configuration required of end users.

> Deliver enhanced value to your customers by using VMware resources and expertise when you join the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program as a vCloud ISV partner.

Deliver Interoperability for Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds

vCloud ISVs can leverage the vCloud API to upload, deploy and scale their application in a programmatic way on any VMware vCloud Director implementation. The vCloud API offers ISVs a new way to consume cloud resources in private, public and hybrid clouds. Through the vCloud API, vCloud ISVs can also help extend or add value to the inherent capabilities of vCloud Director.

The vCloud API is an interface for providing and consuming virtual resources in the cloud. It enables deploying and managing virtualized workloads in private, public and hybrid clouds as well as interoperability between clouds. The vCloud API is an open RESTful, pure virtual, API that supports multi-tenancy. It uses the industry standard Open Virtualization Format (OVF) as a unit of distribution and storage supports compatibility and deployment across a wide variety of applications. The vCloud API enables the upload, download, instantiation, deployment and operation of vApps.

The API does not expose any aspect of the physical infrastructure (servers, storage, networks) or how the physical infrastructure is virtualized. In a cloud service only virtual forms of the infrastructure can be exposed through the API. The pure virtual nature of the API helps make it simple to use and implement.

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