Retail Management

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Control, Manage, and Deploy from a Central Location

Remote sites such as retail stores, legal offices, and regional offices present unique challenges for IT organizations. Brittle, non-standard infrastructure makes management, maintenance, and deployment of new and existing technologies extremely difficult. With VMware, the health of your remote sites can be monitored from a central point, eliminating the need to waste precious IT budget on avoidable on-site IT visits. VMware enables your stores to utilize existing IT investments, while freeing up resources to quickly deploy new IT securely and quickly.

Deploy New Applications Quickly and Securely

Streamline management and rapidly provision new resources from a single pane of glass with VMware vSphere at your retail or branch sites. Eliminate the need to send IT resources to each site for issues that can be resolved remotely. Deploy new technologies or updates to applications across multiple sites efficiently and quickly. With VMware, IT can be refocused from repetitive management task to addressing new business.

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