Reduce Costs while Improving Learning

Reduced funding, rising costs and new technology are driving change across academic institutions. From K-12, to private and public universities to community colleges, IT leaders in education are seeking ways to leverage technological advances to improve teaching and learning of student, faculty, and alumni populations while lowering costs and improving efficiencies.

Teacher and Student

K-12 Education

K-12 schools are leveraging innovative technologies to maximize learning, freeing up resources so all students can reach their full potential regardless of race, gender or backgrounds. VMware’s virtualization and cloud technologies help schools extend the latest technology to more students while stretching budget dollars to keep more teachers teaching.

High school Students

Higher Education

Forward-thinking higher education institutions are leveraging innovative technologies to attract the best and brightest students while reducing IT costs. Virtualization helps academic institutions reduce their capital and operating expenses while improving service delivery and offering more options to connect.

The VMware Academic Program accelerates instruction and research in the rapidly expanding area of virtualized infrastructure by providing faculty and students with access to the virtualization technologies most widely used in commercial production environments.

• Faculty can use VMware software under specific usage guidelines in a variety of areas of academic research and classroom instruction.
• Students can use this software free of charge for one year with yearly renewals as part of qualified coursework or research projects.

To further enable academic research and instruction, the VMware Academic Program supports academic research and instruction by:

• Developing multi-level CS courseware modules pertaining to virtualization.
• Grants program members access to source code for ESX and Workstation products to qualifying research projects.
• Providing academic institutions and affiliated organizations special discounts on VMware software and support when deployed as a part of their IT infrastructure.
• Annually contributing to a wide variety of academic conferences, events, research projects, and consortia within the CS community.

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