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The Financial Services industry has encountered tough times over the past few years. While the industry is recovering, cost reduction and efficiency gains are still top of mind. VMware is helping the industry go further on the virtualization journey with cloud computing, real-time data management and support for remote and branch offices.

Achieve Business Agility with Cloud Computing

VMware has become a key strategic business partner in the financial services industry, taking customers to a new level of efficiency and reliability by delivering IT as a Service.

VMware helps financial service firms achieve business agility through solutions for cloud computing, real-time data management and support for remote and branch offices.

The finance sector’s retail banking, capital markets and insurance segments are transitioning to cloud computing with the goals of growing revenues, reducing costs and increasing responsiveness to risk. This industry brief outlines the common cloud computing use cases for financial organizations and presents real-world examples of how leading firms are using cloud computing to achieve business agility.

These are difficult times in the financial sector. Against a backdrop of uncertain economic growth, consumer distrust and increasing regulation, financial organizations are working to maintain a healthy bottom line and boost consumer confidence in their offerings. Today’s wary consumers are also technology-savvy and are demanding a higher level of interaction—such as instant online access to information, products and services through their desktops and mobile devices.

Financial services IT leaders have been responding to these market and technology pressures by modernizing legacy applications and upgrading infrastructure, but they continue to strain. Forward-thinking financial organizations are deploying cloud computing as a strategy that will eventually transform how the entire organization—not just IT—operates. They are choosing among different cloud-deployment models to meet the unique challenges they face today and to increase their business agility.

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