Technology Consulting

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With IT Consulting You Can Accelerate The Implementation and Use of New Technology

> Improve time to project completion, platform availability and user satisfaction
> Operate more reliable, efficient and effective IT environments
> Reduce costs and maximize the return of your VMware investment
> Most importantly,arm your staff with the knowledge and confidence to operate your platform after we are gone.

VMware’s technology consultants are trained to understand the broader impact of change on the business and IT. We work with you identify and implement the technical, people and process requirements for initializing or growing your virtualized or cloud environments. Our goal is your goal: Build upon your existing virtualized foundation and move from basic cost savings benefits to real operational efficiency.

Leveraging the Cloud to Transform IT—and the Business

Today, companies face relentless change in markets, customers and stakeholders, and the speed of that change is increasing. To thrive, companies need to anticipate and adapt, and be constantly ready to shift direction to take advantage of an evolving business landscape.

IT organizations have played a key role in helping their enterprises navigate through that landscape—and they are now being called on to do even more. The demands of the business keep increasing, and companies need to reshape IT to meet those demands. That means determining how to best redirect IT staff, redesign IT processes and leverage virtualization and cloud computing to drive business innovation.

VMware cloud solutions enable a variety of approaches to creating more efficient, agile organizations and faster, more reliable business processes. This provides you with a wealth of options, but it also means that you need to determine which capabilities and technologies best support your IT transformation.

To help, VMware Professional Services work with you to uncover and exploit the unique opportunities presented by VMware’s industry-leading cloud solutions. Our services team combines unparalleled cloud computing knowledge and real-life experience to equip you with the knowledge you need to take full control of your solution, to help you re-think IT, and to deliver outcomes that are positive, tangible and material to IT and your business.

Turning Possibilities into Outcomes

VMware Professional Services’ consultants and advisors focus on more than just execution and implementation. We work with you to understand the broader possibilities that cloud technologies create for your company. We ask innovative questions, develop actionable insights and explore new ideas—and help you convert possibilities into realities.

To do so, we draw on a wide range of resources and capabilities. We connect you to our R&D teams, to our partners and to the wealth of experience we have developed through the real-life, innovative application of VMware technology. We work side-by-side with your team, encouraging conversation, engagement and collaboration. We cooperate with you to meet new and complex challenges. And we transfer knowledge, enabling you to leverage your cloud solution to drive improvement and business success over time—long after your VMware services engagement is complete.

End-to-End Expertise for the Cloud

VMware’s portfolio of cloud services encompasses every phase of a cloud deployment, from strategy to implementation, operation, optimization and skill building. These services fall into five categories: Accelerate Advisory, Cloud Operations, Technology Consulting, Technical Account Manager and Education services.

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