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Cloud Computing for IT Service Providers

As organizations move toward private cloud infrastructures, many are also seeing the advantages of having some or all of their applications running on secure public clouds. As new applications are being developed, many are virtualized by default and therefore VMware “cloud-ready”, making the transition even easier. As enterprises look for service providers, they are demanding the flexibility, scale and price-performance of cloud providers but don’t want to scrap legacy applications and deal with cumbersome migration issues or retooling, recoding and retesting.

Enterprise Cloud Runs on VMware – Internally or Externally

VMware virtualization enables existing applications to be quickly and easily deployed on VMware infrastructure – whether in a customers’ internal datacenter or externally at a service provider. Build and manage VMware compatible cloud computing services by pooling servers, networks and storage, making it easy for enterprise customers to run their virtualized applications in your cloud. Take advantage of the many capabilities that VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Director software provide to reduce your cost of service through fine-grained infrastructure controls that offer predictable service levels. VMware software enables you to get the most out of your hardware to maximize profit and tap into future revenue opportunities from our technology roadmap.

Provide the Security Enterprise Customers Demand

VMware virtualization allows customers to document and audit security controls to demonstrate compliance with internal and external regulations. Our public cloud platform lets you deliver consistent and auditable security and performance through security features including VMware vCloud Networking and Security, layer 2 isolation, role-based access control and LDAP integration.

Guarantee Performance and Availability

Enterprises are looking for the flexibility to access additional capacity on an as-needed basis, for development and testing as well as production applications – but they are not willing to sacrifice performance or availability. VMware virtualization lets you deliver capacity on demand, with predictable performance and high availability at a competitive price point.

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