Accelerated Advisory Services

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In today’s dynamic business environment, more organizations and CIOs are turning to cloud-based IT strategies to transform their IT environments – to cut costs and speed time to market. VMware Accelerate Advisory Services help CIOs and other IT executives go beyond, and realize the full potential of IT transformation for business transformation. By leveraging the proven experience of VMware Accelerate solution strategists and solution architects, these services will help you define pragmatic IT and cloud transformation strategies that provide measurable business value.

Accelerated Advisory Services Overview

In a business world where first movers enjoy competitive advantage and IT is central to every decision, it’s critical to have an integrated business–IT strategy. An IT strategy created independently of the business will not meet expectations. At best, it will be a mismatch or ill-timed; at worst, it will be an investment with negative ROI that results in missed market opportunities and lost revenue. But bringing the two worlds of IT and business together can be challenging—each has its own language, obstacles and expectations.

Bridging the gap is where VMware® Accelerate™ Advisory Services can help.

VMware Accelerate Advisory Services help organizations adopt and implement businessaligned IT strategies, increase agility, and provide measurable business value to the enterprise. VMware strategists and architects collaborate with senior executives to develop a pragmatic IT strategy and transformational roadmap, while value engineers evaluate customer IT environments, deliver benchmarks, and perform financial analyses to construct an
integrated analytical snapshot of IT’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. As former chief information officers (CIOs), chief technology officers (CTOs) and industry consultants, VMware advisors are experts at identifying hidden barriers, revealing opportunities and accelerating IT initiatives.

Advisory Services

VMware Accelerate Advisory Services address your needs at all phases of the strategy development process. At the evaluation stage, the team might employ a limited scope, benchmarking your operations; at a later stage, the team might use a broader scope,addressing wide-ranging enterprise strategic shifts. Our comprehensive advisory services range from tactical benchmark analysis to strategy development and value modeling.

Evaluation and Measurement

As the pioneers, inventors and leaders in virtualization, VMware has an unrivaled body of knowledge around best practices and operational and performance data for virtualized environments. Using this knowledge, we have created a variety of diagnostic tools that allow us to quickly assess and measure your organization. We use these tools in several tactical ways to determine where you are in your journey and give you some guidance on
how to get to your end goals.

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